Tips for Dating White Men

Are you one of the black women looking for white men? As an African-American, there are several things you need to do to win over a white man.

Here are several tips to help make the dating process fun, easier, and safer;

-You Need to Be Outgoing

Most white men are generally shy as societal rules demand them to watch their hostility towards women. This makes them resist the urge to approach women unless they are sure the feeling is mutual. Therefore, smile, make eye contact and engineer a small talk. You will make it easier for them to feel comfortable asking you out.

However, not all white men are shy and genuine. White men who don't make eye contact with you or disengage from deep conversations quickly may be married or not into you. Don't waste your time seeking love and attention from them.

-Embrace Girlie Things

It is fun and thrilling when you lure a great white guy with your charm. Don't curse in your regular conversations if you are used to it, wear makeup that highlights your best body features. Men, both white and black, like girly-ladies.

However, you need to keep away from wearing miniskirts and tall heels. Be soft and feminine as that gives off a good impression. You can wear knee-length dresses and keep your manicured nails short.

-Look For Men with Interracial Friends

If you notice a man who has Hispanic, Asian, or black friends, the chances are that he can engage in interracial dating. However, if you find a white man who has many failed interracial relationships, keep off. Some white men like dating beautiful black women but aren't interested in taking the relationship further. Such men are also likely to do the same with white women too. So, if you hear stories of him dating a lot of women before, he is probably a playboy; don't allow him to mess up your life.

-Avoid Sleeping With Him Early On

Maybe you believe in a "three-date-rule, " but that shouldn't apply here. It's true we are human and have needs, but you shouldn't feel pressured to sleep with a man because you want to keep him or your friends tend to sleep with a guy easily. Before sleeping with him, you need to know that he is for you and only you. Take your time to know whether your new catch wants sleep with you to know what it feels like to have sex with a black woman, or he is serious about you as a potential partner. You can never build a relationship with a man who wants to "try out."

-Read Early Signs

If you are going for a date with a white man, don't expect to pay the bills. Even though you can be polite and say "can I chip in and pay some?" as a gesture of courtship, your new catch should pay for the first date and a couple of others as long as it was their idea to go out for a date. If you find a man telling you to pay for yourself, he is either stingy or not into you. So, don't waste your time with him.

-The Bottom Line

White men are not very different from other men, and you simply need to build a strong foundation of friendship before you start dating. There are a lot of white men who are open to interracial dating, so if you are interested in dating one, will you definitely find him.

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